Strategies for Effective Leadership

Have you discovered the missing links that separate the average executive from the highest achievers? Strategies for Effective Leadership is a proven learning process to help you improve your leadership. We focus on getting you results.

The DGR Process:

We engage most of your senses. You will listen to CD’s, read short lessons, write action plans, discuss issues with others, ask questions and provide answers as well as make and keep commitments to yourself and the group. Focus is on five basic skills: goal clarity, team building, personal organization, communication and increased productivity. It’s fun, fast paced and you will be delighted with your growth.

Your Benefits Will Be:

  • Reduction of stress and improved results
  • Profound insight into people and behaviors
  • Specific tools and methods to plan better
  • Systems to set goals, communicate and delegate
  • More free time to focus on the big picture
  • Accomplish more with less effort
  • Improved morale for you and your team

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David training manager’s at Professional Services Institute.

TRAINING, Areas of Specialization

  • Effective Leadership
  • Improved Communication
  • Team Building
  • Sales Training
  • Increased Productivity
  • Goal Clarity

Every individual and organization is unique. At DGR be believe “Prescription without diagnosis” is malpractice. Therefore we first listen to determine what you want and need. Then we assess how we can help you. If we are unable to, we are happy to refer you to one of the many professionals we have vetted over the decades. DGR’s client base includes many industries, companies and associations. Let’s chat soon!


“The hardest thing about writing a recommendation for David Rohlander is to be concise, without appearing to overly gush about his broad and deep excellence. But it’s true. Working with David and taking his leadership course is a pleasure on all levels, as David is of highest caliber substance and professionalism. It’s been said that what you learn after you know it all is most important. And that’s how I regard David’s leadership course, as it efficiently covers top-down/bottom-up, internal/external, and big and small.

David is an outstanding communicator and organizational expert, on a very practical level, looking to improve team and individual performance via astute assessment and fast-acting, effective solutions.

In summation, I hold David Rohlander in highest possible esteem on all professional and personal levels.” – Tom Dean, President, Real Estate

“I recently had the opportunity to participate in Strategies for Effective Leadership facilitated by David Rohlander. I have come to know David over the past months and value very much my relationship with him.

I found his workshop valuable to me on several levels. First it is not an 8 hour, all at once, workshop or a two day experience. These are challenging from a scheduling standpoint as well as demanding you absorb the information, essentially all at once. His program is 1.5 hours one morning a week for 5 weeks. This allows for developing deeper relationships with the participants and better learning and reinforcing. The ideas are delivered (with homework) through a CD, workbook and interactive sharing in discussions with him and the participants.

These ideas are not rocket science but they are delivered and discussed in the context of experiences and stories. We know the importance of listening, teamwork, planning, organizing and communication but they are skills that soften if not honed, tested and practiced.

If you have a team that would benefit from better interactions to deliver results or you are an individual who seeks growth (personal and professional) then I highly recommend this course. No successful professional reaches an endpoint in practice. I remember learning about Larry Bird showing up 2 hours before a game to practice, in spite of his daily drills……Among the best at his profession.

How do you see yourself? Strategies for Effective Leadership facilitated by David Rohlander is and teaches practice to make you the best. Call him and sign up.” – Steve Blanc, Strategic Sales & Leadership Consultant

“David’s Strategies for Effective Leadership program is a transformational experience that guides participants to a new level of leadership and management abilities. The superior team and organizational dynamics that occur as a result of the Strategies for Effective Leadership program deliver immediate and perpetual value.

If you need to address a situation or fine-tune a superior team, David’s involvement will provide immediate and measurable value.” – Mason Conner, Chairman, Falconsix

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