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 “THE CEO CODE is right on the mark. It is an effective and practical guide to improving your performance that will help you reflect and think about changes you should make. Fun to read, you will learn new ways to achieve better results.” — Donald Natenstedt, Regional Managing Partner – West Region, McGladrey LLP 

“The CEO Code is the book every executive, program manager, team leader, and executive assistant needs to have on their bedstand or in their desk drawer. David Rohlander — fighter pilot, seasoned executive, successful entrepreneur, management coach, and practical philosopher — writes with a rare insight and empathy, drawing together gripping personal examples, real-world case studies, lessons learned over a lifetime of executive experiences and practical tips that anyone aspiring to a leadership position should know.

Senior readers will finish this outstanding book wishing they had it when they began their careers. Those starting out will find that it will become a constant and reliable companion, their appreciation for its wisdom and its remarkable author increasing over the years.” — Dr. Richard P. Hallion, aerospace historian, consultant and retired Air Force senior executive

“Been there – done that! If there’s anyone who epitomizes those words, it is clearly David Rohlander! Coupled with a rich background in serving as CEO in the corporate sector, his varied and equally enriching role as a consultant to numerous other CEO’s makes him the perfect author for this important book.

And don’t let the title fool you. It matters not if you’re the CEO of a multinational organization or the CEO of your own life, the lessons you will learn are equally applicable. This highly readable work, while heavily research-based, is loaded with real-world scenarios and is an extremely practical guide to anyone interested in enhancing their interpersonal skills.” — Edward E. Scannell, CMP, CSP, Co-Author, “Games Trainers Play” series; McGraw-Hill, Past National President; ASTD, IFTDO, MPI and NSA

I have witnessed and participated in the CEO deliberative process as chief legal officer of three publicly-traded multinational corporations over many years.

Mr. Rohlander’s CEO Code captures the essence of what not only a CEO, but also a CEO’s direct reports, should use as  management tools for success in dealing with issues and personnel on the path to creating a successful company.  Like a well-organized legal brief, Mr. Rohlander’s book is thought-provoking, laced with inspiring and persuasive quotes and  clear and easy to read …a must for a CEO and his direct reports.” — Raymond F. Schuler, former vice president, secretary and general counsel of three publicly-traded multinational corporations, one a Fortune 500.

“David Rohlander’s warm and caring personality comes through on every page of THE CEO CODE. I especially like the common sense and simple way that he approaches the ever important challenge of building teams. This book is easy to pick up. Not so easy to lay down. You’ll enjoy it, but more importantly, you’ll get very usable information from it.” — Stephen W. Frueh PhD, Author of: From Marginal to Magnificent – How to Make your Marriage Sing

“David Rohlander is well-qualified to write about how to become an authentic and credible communicator. He has been there and done that. I met Dave 30 years ago and have been impressed with his ability to get to the heart of any matter and help other people do the same. Read this book and get ready for significant improvement in your communication ability and results – IMMEDIATELY!” — Rex C. Houze, CEO, Improving Performance & Results, Inc., Author “Developing Personal Leadership”

“David is the real deal, and his book is a must read for anyone—particularly lawyers like myself who seem to always need help with no nonsense business management!…—who either runs his own shop or aspires to do so.  I’ve met lots of wannabe consultants and coaches, but too many follow formulaic patterns which ultimately don’t work.  David has a genuine love and passion for people and their organizations, and this comes through in this welcome new book.” — Dennis A. Stubblefield, Attorney

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