David  at University of Southern California Alumni Group

Keynote or Breakout

David provides dynamic presentations that are impactful, customized and relevant to your organization because of the thorough research, interviews and observations personally conducted by David as he diligently prepares for his presentation to your group.

It also helps that he started performing on TV at 9 years of age, in high school his nickname was “The Voice,” David was an ambassador and spokesperson for his college and Merrill Lynch P, F & S featured David at regional investment seminars. Additionally, he taught speech at universities and is a leader in National Speakers Association for over twenty-five years. David’s goal is to make YOU look good and get YOU results.

If you want inspiration, leading edge information that connects emotionally with your people plus great results and feedback, give David a call.


Wealth Bowl 2014

David presenting at a Transamerica Conference in California


“You are providing an absolute first-rate program!” — Jeff Titterington, President, Simpson Strong-Tie

“Have you ever met someone who has such a mastery of your area of expertise that you just sit back – watch and learn? The moment David stands in front of an audience – before he opens his mouth, he has your attention. As a speaker, he is entertaining, knowledgeable and engaging.” — Steve Barnes, Professional Speaker & Trainer

“David was our keynote presenter today. There were approximately 65 people (alumni, executives, and business owners) in attendance and David’s topic was, The Science and Art of Effective Communication.

The audience really liked the material and how relevant it was. David’s presentation style is warm, engaging, and fresh. Whether he was quoting great poetry or the latest scientific research, he had the audience’s attention the whole time.

David’s ability to connect with our guests and his professionalism distinguished him as a great USC event speaker. You are welcome to contact me for more information – I heartily endorse David Rohlander as an educator and public speaker!” – Kent Kopen, Reverse Mortgage Specialist, Financial Educator

“I had the pleasure of working with David when I chaired a Career Strategies Workshop for E&Y Alumni. His presentation was practical, inspiring, effective and humorous. Not only did he speak to our attendees about the obvious career topics, but also focused on communication, emotional intelligence in business, creating our own futures, and especially on looking at ourselves as if we were a corporation (what he refers to as “YOU, Inc.”). I’d highly recommend David for any professional presentation – large or small. He’s awesome! — Brenda Zamzow, CFAO, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles

“David is one of those few speakers whose delivery is as good as his message. He doesn’t need a powerpoint or any other tool to get a group’s attention and keep their attention with his insightful thoughts and good, solid advice. I recommend him as a professional speaker to any group who needs advice about his areas of expertise.” – Anabella Bonfa, Trade Secrets Attorney

“I had the great pleasure to listen to David at the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) in Orange County last month. David was a great speaker who without the use of PowerPoint or fancy tools succeeded to capture the full attention of the audience on the topic of communication. He used anecdotes and examples from his long successful career and personal life to showcase the important details that we all have to keep in mind when we interact with others. I was intrigued with David’s skills to masterfully shift between funny, serious, sad stories to convey his teachings and keep our attention focused. Personally I will try to focus on two or three of all the great advice he gave us so my brain does not get overwhelmed. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to listen to David again in the future.

I highly recommend David if you need a talented speaker for your organization. Communication skills are relevant for everyone in every sector not only for us marketing professionals.” – Albert Aguilar, BD, Mktg. & Leasing Specialist

“You have such an energetic personality, interjecting so many humorous anecdotes and timely examples, that you manage to get through to so many people in so many ways.” — Bolette Albertsen, Vice President, Institute of Business Designers

“As you could see by the note taking, your ideas hit home for those in the audience. Several people commented on your dramatic finale. As an Italian, I would like to hear you sing Pagliacci! You may include SMELA as one of your fan clubs.” — Tony Caruana, President, Sales & Marketing Executives, LA

“David closed the conference with one of the best talks I have ever heard. He was marvelous!” — Mary Nelson, Program Chair, IFPA

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