Isn’t it amazing how no one person knows everything? John Wooden famously said: “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” That’s why coaching is so valuable.

If you are able to have an open mind. Accept candid but caring feedback. Have an intense desire to improve yourself. Then it is time for you to consider having a coach. We work with talented, strong and dedicated people who are long on integrity. Please read the Feedback below to see if this might be worth your time to explore.

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“David is an accomplished coach, mentor and speaker. I encourage you to spend time with David. In just a few minutes with David you will realize his wisdom comes from years of real world experience. His ability to rapidly translate practical business wisdom into valuable outcomes for a client is felt through his exceptional communication skill.” – Mason Conner, Chairman, Falconsix

“David asks me good questions. He knows how to get me to open up and test my thinking.” – Tom Hernandez, President, AMI

“David is a great executive coach. He strikes a good balance between providing feedback that is direct and honest but with sensitivity and caring. He tells you what you need to hear with respect and support. He is very knowledgeable, creative, and smart. David has always been available for me when I needed help. Finally, he has a great sense of humor and is fun to work with. I strongly recommend David.” – Alan Rudi, Catalyst for Innovation and Growth

“David Rohlander is the CEO Coach. He has performed as a change agent and catalyst at the highest levels of service organizations. He helps companies become more profitable, enhance communication between key employees and live more authentically. David has a powerful delivery style that would also fit nicely for most companies looking for a keynote speaker for a retreat or annual meeting.” – J. Scott Bailey, President, BMC

“David helps CEO’s gain insightful introspection of their goals, purpose, and personal motivation drivers, and how it translates to their success in business. He has been a valued personal friend, advisor, and confidant to me, helping me clarify my vision, purpose, and business strategy. I highly recommend David as a CEO’s Coach to anyone seeking to achieve personal development breakthoughs so that they can unleash their God given talents to take their business to the next level.” – C. Brian Conners, Managing Director, Consultants Link, Inc.

“CEO Coach extraordinaire! David has a mastery of the fine art of providing inspiration with wisdom, which combined allows folks to achieve what they might not on their own, and certrainly not in the same amount of time! David has a style of leadership and confidence that is infectious!” – Mo Aiken, Managing Director, Barra Gwynn Enterprises, LLC

Call now for more info: 714.307.4438