The CEO’s Forum

We are leaders committed to profitable company growth, constant development of our people and improving our personal performance by using a unique three step process.

1st We meet as a diverse mastermind group of CEOs once a month to share innovative ideas, give each other feedback using open and honest communication while seeking to embrace accountability.

Monthly each of us schedules a one-to-one coaching appointment with DGR to:

  • Strategize & plan
  • Craft company initiatives
  • Review goals & priorities
  • Assess performance
  • Improve our communication

2nd Each of our Key Executives meet one-to-one with DGR monthly or as needed to:

  • Be coached, clarify goals & ID blind spots
  • Diagnose needs & design a plan to implement initiatives
  • Improve communication, leadership & training

3rd Our employees are nurtured and trained on company culture, priorities and values. Seminars, workshops, training and coaching are provided to master skills & behaviors. A proven system of accountability is consistently used to ensure thorough follow up.

DGR Venn model

The significant hallmark of the process is the total inclusion of the CEO, Key Executives and employees. Great results are achieved because each company’s program focuses on the knowledge, attitudes, skills and behaviors specifically required to meet its vision & mission.

1 + 2 + 3 = Results

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