Personal Wealth

Winning the Money Battle

Financial Independence is a very personal, important and emotional journey. Everyone has a different definition of exactly what it means to them to be financially independent. The power of what you are able to do when you have sufficient funds can be rewarding, liberating and hopefully significant.

You can build hospitals, churches & synagogues and assist the needy and disadvantaged. You can also buy boats, planes, clothes, jewelry and stuff. It all depends on your personal values, your world view and how significant you want your life to be. Money is simply a tool to be used for good or evil. “There are no pockets in the shrouds.”

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Inspect what you expect!

At DGR we offer you a FREE Financial Needs Analysis where we sit down and explain how money “really” works. What has to be done to beat taxes and inflation. What your options are for developing a sensible strategy for your investments given your current level of commitment, accumulation and sophistication. It may be you are heavily in debt, maybe you are just starting to get ahead of the money curve or perhaps you have several million already accumulated in real estate and securities. We can help you strategize, organize and implement your entire financial plan.

The Magnificent Seven is a process based on sound financial principles. It is the foundational financial plan for designing a secure, safe and well balanced strategy. Please call DGR and we will set a time to review your desires, needs and explore viable strategies. 714.307.4438

The Magnificent Seven 

#1     Measurement

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

#2     Cash Flow

Cash flow is KING.

#3     Zero Debt

Owe no man anything.

#4     Emergency Fund

Six + months of expenses set aside.

#5     Safety & Security

Income, safety and security first – the foundation.

#6     Income & Growth

Business, securities and real estate – building wealth.

#7     Long Term Plan

Estate planning is critical – providing for the future.

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