Corporate Strategy

Taking Your Strategy LIVE!

Your strategic plan is the setting of the vision, mission and goals for the organization. DGR would love to help you and your team develop your plan. Our primary focus is to define, structure and implement the organizations strategic plan by placing special emphasis on the money, the people and measurement of activities, skills and results. Then we work on the development of the cultural, structural and mechanical design of how to accomplish those goals.

Next, tactical planning and execution take the noble ideas from the strategic plan and MAKE IT HAPPEN! A strategic plan that is relegated to sitting on the bookshelf in a pretty binder is a waste of money and time. Corporations need to know where they are within a simple paradigm of three types of goals: SURVIVAL goals, PROFIT goals and GROWTH goals. Responsibility and accountability must be clearly defined and owned by the key leaders. Nothing happens until somebody sells something.

Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a major corporation the heartbeat of your business strategy is your brand! Be thoughtful, creative and deliberate as you sculpt your brand. A good brand goes hand-in-hand with massive sales results.


Over the years we have recognized that the most important and fundamental element of creating, managing and winning in business is effective communication. It is the bedrock of a successful culture, world class marketing, dynamic innovation, excellence in customer service and PROFITABILITY. You must communicate well or crash.

This may sound simple, however, it is neither simple nor easy. Let’s chat and explore how we might Create a Masterpiece for you personally and professionally. Let’s get real and make your strategy go LIVE!


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