Money is How We Keep Score!

The only time money is a real issue is when you don’t have enough. Warren Buffet is said to have two basic rules about money.

# 1     Don’t lose money.

# 2     Never forget Rule # 1.

Money is dynamic. It must be growing and engaged or it withers away. The biggest danger, other than a total loss, is the proverbial fight against inflation and taxes. You must be continually aware, proactive and cautious with your money and the organization’s money.

Most people who are successful in a particular discipline believe they can translate that into the same results with their money. I have served on a hospital board and given financial advice to many physicians and highly intelligent executives. Those who have gotten the best results have realized the benefit of seeking counsel from many advisers. The big money losers have been those who believe they, “know it all.”

You work smart and hard to earn your income. When it comes to building your estate or growing your company you must also work smart and hard. Having been in the financial arena for decades I have learned the benefit of having smart, competent and trustworthy advisers. At DGR we are ready, willing and able to guide you through the decision making process so you maximize your return and minimize the risk. It’s a balancing act.

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