Seminars & Workshops

Seminars, Workshops & Webinars

The broad areas of Leadership, Communication & Finance are easily broken down into many specific topics based on the needs or wants of executives, organizations and meeting planners. The delivery method and audience can be varied. To fulfill this client requirement DGR has packaged the proprietary, useful and timely delivery of valuable information in several ways.

Seminars are designed for small to medium sized, up to about 100 people, groups that need to cover a lot of information transfer in a short amount of time and are able to gather all participants together at one time. Typically this is utilized as a convention breakout, company meeting or other large event. Seminars may also be used to “kickoff” a major learning or change initiative.

This full day seminar was for a major national company that works with banks, consumers and government regulators.

Workshops will often be small groups that desire a lot of idea exchange, interaction and learning with practice and experimentation. These are best when done in a series rather than a “one time” event. DGR’s Strategy for Effective Leadership uses five workshops as part of the overall process.

Webinars have the huge advantage of being available on the Internet, easily recorded for future use and review as well as a BIG reduction in expenses for travel, lodging and time away from home and work. Flexibility of simply broadcast, discussion and idea exchange or some combination of audio, video, live cam or recording are all possible.

Books written by David have become best sellers and are chuck full of ideas, solutions, exercises and proprietary information to help you. Click on a title below:

The CEO Code


Idiot’s Guides: Management Skills

Enhancements provided by David are audio and video recordings for use on the Internet, on CDs or TV. As well as books, workbooks, manuals and handouts. All of these modalities enhance learning. They reinforce good habits and help people apply their new knowledge, understanding and skills.



DGR’s books, workbooks, handouts and message reminders.


Listed below are some recent seminars, workshops and webinars provided by DGR. Notice they all derive from the core disciplines of:

Leadership, Communication or Finance.

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How to Improve Your Leadership Style

Principles for Hiring GREAT People

5 Secrets to Effective Delegation

How to Achieve Flawless Execution

Shaping Your Future

Strategies and Tactics to Achieve Balance

5 Elements of Effective Communication

The Ultimate Keystone Habit for Success

Building Your Winning Team

How to Conduct Effective Meetings

How to Effectively Coach

The Entrepreneur’s Mind-set

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