Mentoring is Different

The big difference between coaching and mentoring is that a mentor has actually been in the trenches and knows from personal experience what it is like to struggle, get bruised and survive. There is a deeper level of understanding, kinship and empathy that is impossible to fully appreciate unless you have actually “been there and done that.”

America’s pioneers hired “scouts” to help and guide them as they were venturing into the wild west. The benefit of the scout was he spoke the language of the wild savages, he knew the territory and the ways of the people who lived and hunted there and he was adept at navigating all the obstacles, surviving and claiming the PRIZE!

I have a similiar “scout’s” background in business, war and life. Let’s meet and allow me to help you achieve your dreams, objectives and goals. I would be honored to work with you. You may reach me on my cell phone at 714.307.4438.


“Mr. Rohlander (David) was gracious enough to give me a follow-up meeting to a presentation he gave at Ernst & Young. The purpose was a briefing on sharpening my presentation skills. It is uncanny how David can quickly provide meaningful insights that go to the core of the issue. Clearly, David practices what he teaches. He is an excellent listener, an excellent evaluator, and an excellent coach. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to any professional seeking to improve his/her own skills, or with assistance to rooting out a problem.” -Alfred Lockwood, CPA, CFA

“It’s difficult to express all that spending time with David has done for me. On a coaching level, David has helped me find direction, offered supportive training and helped clarify values and processes to effective growth as a leader. Relative to our company his insight, skills and direction are clearing the path for strategic growth. David’s talent for actively listening, asking the right questions and teaching communication has been an invaluable resource.” – Colette Coffman, Owner & CEO, Colette’s Catering & Events

“I highly recommend Dave Rohlander as a coach and mentor. Dave has the ability to deliver critical information in a direct yet caring and sensitive way. His wealth of experience, knowledge and good old fashioned know how make him an excellent resource, guide and change agent. Sometimes you need help from the outside to go inside to find your truth. Dave is great at being that help. If you are a results oriented professional who wants to take your game to the next level, I wholeheartedly suggest you talk to Dave. You will be glad you did.” – Jevon Thomas, Regional Retirement Specialist

“I was fortunate to have Mr. Rohlander as my professor for a day in my Business Writing class. He possesses the ability to turn a disinterested room of college students into an active and engaging environment. Mr. Rohlander’s expertise in both finance and communications gave us students a true insight into what lies ahead of us and what we need to accomplish in order to succeed in our future careers. I can honestly say that he has enlightened us with knowledge that we would never learn in any classroom.” – Andrew Manliguez, Business Student, CSUF

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