Communication is an ART!

Effective communication takes more than talent. It requires trust, respect, understanding, empathy, and resolution. It is an art. Many elements are under the broad umbrella we call communication. Communication is by definition a two-way process, a form of conversation or dialogue.

Popular opinion has a tendency to think communication is mostly about talking and writing, or what we might call “broadcasting.” This is a very limiting perspective. Broadcast brings to mind monikers like: The Great Communicator or The Consummate Speaker, and individuals such as Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, or Martin Luther King.

Half or more of the communication equation is the “receiving” of information. Being able to read or understand what others are trying to say or relate takes effort. We need to connect with people on a personal level. Standing on a podium or using a teleprompter or microphone does not help develop relationships or dialogue.

It is impossible not to communicate. Even when you choose to be silent, you are communicating. One of the keys to effective listening is to be tuned to what is not being said. This often is more revealing than what is said.

There are many obvious techniques to use while broadcasting or receiving. There are also many nuances to learn. Communication is absolutely critical for you to master for success in your personal life and your professional life. At DGR we delve deeply into how you can become a great communicator. We’re talking about a lot more than just being a “good talker.”

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