Best Big-Business Moves for a Small-Business CEO

Large and small, all businesses have one thing in common: someone in charge. And that leader’s performance — good, bad, or mediocre — has an outsized and lasting effect on the organization’s success. Large companies know this and cultivate their top talent through leadership training at each career stage.

As a small-business CEO, you might not have had those opportunities. Like so many other things, you figured it out as you went along. But in a marketplace where you compete against the behemoths, wouldn’t it be nice to know their secrets?

To find out what the big players do to ensure their businesses grow and succeed, we spoke to David Rohlander, author of “The CEO Code: Create a Great Company and Inspire People to Greatness With Practical Advice From an Experienced Executive.” He shares these common mindsets and tactics used by large-business leaders that can translate to the small-business CEO’s needs:

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The Future of Food

My grandson is over four feet tall and can’t come close to jumping as high as corn grows. In 1798 Malthus was convinced that the exponential growth of population would soon outstrip the ability to grow enough food to feed people and there would be a world famine. In 1979 the Chinese government decreed there could only be one child per family because it was worried about the growth of population outstripping the ability to provide resources for the people. In 1900 people were worried about the pollution caused by horse manure. They didn’t know the automobile was being developed.

More recently we have seen Obama and Kerry craft agreements to control Iran’s development of nuclear weapons and countries joining together to stop global warming. They are naive, delusional and out of touch. Of course, maybe Yogi Berra was thinking of them when he said: “It’s hard to make predictions, especially about the future.”

Have you heard about the recent trends in food sources? Small farms are being bought up by large corporations. It’s been going on for a long time in the United States. The government is becoming more and more active in regulating food and food production. There is a rogue group of Americans trying to establish a separate State of Jefferson by seceding from California. Their desire is a more conservative government.

Then there’s our old friend Henry Kissinger. He helped initiate relations between the United States and China. He helped manage the fiasco we call the Vietnamese War. And he is considered a brilliant strategist, diplomate and intellect. He has said: “If you want to control countries, control oil. If you want to control people, control food.”

I just read a fascinating article about some of these issues and you and I need to be informed and involved. This is not the time to be laid back and ignorant. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/428780/climate-change-predictions. I would encourage you to read it and start to think, discuss and take some action based on what YOU believe is the best course for this country, for you and your family.


Three Virtues

Today is Christmas! On the Christian calendar it celebrates the birth of Jesus, the son of God, in Bethlehem. It is very easy to argue that Jesus has had more “significance” than any other living human being in the history of mankind.

I believe that Jesus was all about love. He preached that we should look forward to salvation with HOPE, believe and have FAITH in God and show LOVE for one another by our behaviors. These three virtues, hope, faith and love, are depicted in the triptych recently released by Nathan Rohlander, my son.

As you think about the new year coming in a matter of days, I would encourage you to spend a few minutes in reflection. How are you doing in making your life “significant” and what are you doing to show “love” by your behaviors. Religions have a tendency to focus on politics and power while at the same time only giving lip service to love.

Study the way you behave, how you spend your time and money. Examine your integrity. What you believe, say and ultimately do is different than giving an idea or philosophy lip service.

I pray that you and I will receive many blessings this coming year and that people will see hope, faith and love in our behaviors.

Building Blocks

Building Blocks for Personal Development

Building blocks for personal development for you and your people. You need more than talent for success. If you have talent, you have something to work with as you become more aware. Awareness is like opening the window or a door. Nothing happens until you have awareness.

Now focus on your most important attribute, a positive attitude. Each individual is personally responsible for and completely controls their own attitude. No personal attribute is more important than a positive attitude.

Deliberately and continually strive to improve your knowledge and skills. Put it all together and the ultimate result is shown in your behavior. Your behavior is the real tangible evidence of all the other building blocks, it is the only legitimate proof. When you master it, you will be a winner.

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