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Do you consider yourself a leader? The easiest way to tell if you are a leader is to look behind you. Is anyone following you? Leadership doesn’t really amount to much unless you cause people to take action, follow you.

Having the desire to become a brand is the same thing. Being a brand doesn’t really amount to much unless you are able to influence people to take action, buy your product or service.

More and more people and organizations are awakening to the value of being or having a brand. As consumers continue to cultivate discernment, the need for you to have a branding strategy is increasing. If you have a good brand it will attract new customers, shorten the selling cycle, improve your profits and build customer loyalty.

So, what is a brand? In its simplest form a brand is just a word: Kleenex, Xerox, or Jell-O. In its most advanced form it is the core of your strategy, your DNA. It embodies your image, determines your marketing from concept to execution, includes assets and liabilities, and influences internal and external customers. Developing a good brand takes focused effort, time and consistency.

Start at the Beginning

What is it that makes you unique? What are your special strengths? You may want to be a leader in the technology field but if you don’t possess the natural gifts of understanding needed in that field, you may just be whistling Dixie. Bill Gates is built to run Microsoft. Michael Jordan is built to play basketball.

At Harvard University they are doing research…..


If you would like a complete copy of this article just let me know. The holidays are a great time to “reflect” and reassess your strategy.

Happy Holidays!