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Maestro Forum

We are an organization of exceptional executives focused on building trusted relationships, sharing resources and producing remarkable results. The common denominator of our membership of participating executives is the dedication to deliberately Creating a Masterpiece personally and professionally .

We have created the ideal environment for you to focus, improve your awareness and practice communication with leadership skills. We use as our guide book, The CEO Code. We attract highly competent C-suite executives and professionals who are dedicated to even higher achievement.

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Strategies for Effective Leadership

Once per quarter we conduct a Strategies for Effective Leadership course “open to the public.” Typically this is attended by C-suite executives who are assessing the course for internal use in their organizations or fast track individuals who are entrepreneurial or proactive professionals striving to work on their own personal development. Call for more info 714.307.4438.

FREE Webinars

If you would like to test the water, discover new paradigms or accelerate your personal development in leadership, communication or finance a DGR Webinar is the perfect venue for you! Periodically we provide FREE webinars to add value to our clients, prospects and any one seeking to improve themselves in the pursuit of Creating a Masterpiece personally and professionally.

It is a GREAT way for David to give back, pay it forward and spread the good word! Call now for more info: 714.307.4438


Financial Seminars

Personal financial strategies require a team to get the best, balanced and most profitable approach. DGR’s role with investors is often to be the “Quarterback” who coordinates the various financial, insurance, legal and tax professionals.

It takes a depth of experience to help people ask the tough and insightful questions, evaluate the big picture and make wise decisions. DGR is looking out for your best interests and able to discipher personal agendas and special interests. Investors benefit, feel confident and appreciate having an expert in their corner.

David’s expertise, experience and education are useful.

  • MBA in Finance
  • Regional Tax Investment Specialist with Merrill Lynch, P F & S
  • Independent Investment Advisor, managed $120 million fund
  • Real Estate developer of commercial & residential properties
  • Founder & CEO of three companies

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Each year DGR holds a Holiday Gathering in December. Everyone is invited and guests are welcome to join us. We had a ball.

Stay tuned for our next social event. Call for details 714.307.4438.

Call now for more info: 714.307.4438